Winter Family Portrait Session

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon when I got the chance to meet up with this family for their portrait session at Fisher Farm Park in Davidson, NC -- a little north of Charlotte. Aside from the temperature being quite brisk (a smooth 37 degrees to be exact), I couldn't have asked for a better day to shoot. Luckily for me, this family had previously lived in Alaska and weren't too bothered by the cold. 

When I first spoke with Tonie about this session, she let me know how important it was that she get some really nice photos and that we had a limited time window to do them.  This would be the only chance to get everyone together in a while since her daughter is in her first year of college half way across the country.

She was a little anxious and wanted to make sure everything was perfect and after talking to her a little more, I soon learned why. They hadn't taken family photos with everyone together in 12 years. Let that sink in.......TALK ABOUT PRESSURE!!

With the help of some beautiful golden light, an amazingly photogenic and funny group of people and my lovely assistant (aka my husband), we were able to get some amazing shots!

winter-family-1-fisher-farm-park-charlotte-nc-sublime collections photography
winter-family-9-fisher-farm-park-charlotte-nc-sublime collections photography.jpg
winter-family-7-fisher-farm-park-charlotte-nc-sublime collections photography.jpg
winter-family-8-fisher-farm-park-charlotte-nc-sublime collections photography.jpg
winter-family-3-fisher-farm-park-charlotte-nc-sublime collections photography.jpg
winter-family-2-fisher-farm-park-charlotte-nc-sublime collections photography.jpg