Preparing for your Newborn Session


While we can never predict the temperament of babies and how they will react to their newborn session, moms can take a few steps to prepare both themselves and baby for their first photoshoot. Here’s a quick list of the steps you can take to have a successful newborn session.

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  1. Schedule early. As always, for the best results, I recommend that these shoots are done during the first 2 weeks of life when baby is still very sleepy and easily molded into those sweet curly poses. Having your photographer booked before baby arrives will ensure you’re able to get your baby photographed within this window.

    **Please note this is just a recommendation, not a requirement. Babies past the 2 week mark can absolutely be photographed, however some poses may not be achieved and your photographer will need to approach posing differently.

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2. Details matter. The focus in these types of sessions are shots of your beautiful baby looking perfect and relaxed. Paying attention to small details will often require your photographer to wait a few minutes between poses to give your baby time to settle. Newborn sessions often take up to 3.5 hours from start to finish, so be sure to block off enough time. This allows enough time for posing, transitioning from setup to setup, feedings, diaper changes and of course, baby snuggles. Session time is dependent on baby and their mood, so please be patient!

3. It will be warm. I run a space heater in the studio when a baby will be stopping by for their session. These new little ones can’t regulate their own body temperatures like we can and a little warmth goes a long way in ensuring their comfort. Remember, your baby just left a 98 degree womb, they like it hot! I recommend that all mommies and daddies dress in layers. We take the family shots first so feel free to bring comfy clothes for afterwards!

4. Entertain the baby. Ok, this step is hard…I’ll admit it. If possible, try to keep baby awake for at least an hour before your session. Giving baby a bath is a good way to it helps them work their lungs a bit and tire them out. It’s fine if they fall asleep on the ride over. :)

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5. Hold off on feeding. Try holding off on feeding for at least an hour before the session as well. Before the ride over, give babe a full feeding and the car ride will be magical. More often than not, the car ride will put your babe to sleep and will set us up for a great start to the session.

6. Dress baby in loose clothing. If possible, dress baby in an outfit that doesn’t go over their head and that is loose fitting. This will help minimize disturbing them when we’re ready to undress them. **Pro tip - fasten their diaper loosely as well to minimize the creases in their skin.**

7. Bring food. By food, I mean breastmilk or formula for baby (lol). If they get hungry, we want to make sure that they can be taken care of and rocked back to sleep. A well fed baby is a happy baby. :) I provide snacks in the studio for mom. dad and siblings so you can have something to munch on also!

8. If you’re allowing baby to have a pacifier, bring it. Pacifiers can make a session fly by and help soothe baby, however they are in no way required. We respect every family’s wishes and never try to force use of one on any parent.

That’s it! While it may seem a little overwhelming trying to remember it all and keep things together with a new baby in the house, I promise it’s totally worth it. Have any other tips I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

As always, congratulations and enjoy your journey mama!


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