For Photographers! Dog Bed Poser | Charlotte Newborn Photographer

charlotte newborn photographer fur on dog bed.jpg

**I’ve made edits to the amount of PVC pipe needed! It was brought to my attention that there was a typo! :) Opps! Sorry guys!*

So, after constantly fighting with my beanbag, I finally decided I needed a change…. but what? What could I use that would give me that seamless look I was striving for in my images, ease of use, less stress on my back, lightweight and doesn’t take up a ton of space? I know…the laundry list here is pretty long and seemed almost impossible.

I stumbled across a beanbag alternative in a Facebook group for newborn photographers and to be honest, it completely shocked me. Dog beds? No way I can use a dog bed…right? After reading what seemed like endless comments and tons of praise of how this tool had completely changed the game when it came to posing babies in a beanbag setting, I decided to do a bit more research on my own.

Unlike the beanbag, there’s no filling…. meaning, no shifting beans around, no more fighting to ensure that it’s firm enough and best of all, no big chunky item just taking up space in the studio with no real place to get out of the way. It’s lightweight and depending on the design, completely compact and easy to move. LEGS! I can stretch my legs out underneath it and be within an arm’s length of the baby, so no unnatural bending and twisting so my back no longer takes a beating during those long newborn sessions! It seriously hit everything on my wish list and makes posing so much easier! 


Ready to try for your next session? Here’s what you need:

Order online:

1 Large Coolaroo replacement dog bed cover

2 Formufit adjustable 4-way fittings

Buy at local hardware store

1 PVC Cutter (unless of course your hardware store will cut PVC for you. In my case, Home Depot told me they wouldn’t.)

(6) 6ish feet of PVC piping 3/4” in size

4 ¾ elbows

4 ¾ 4-way tees

4 ¾ end caps

To be completely honest, I winged it for the most part. I made cuts based on the size of the dog bed mesh and then adjusted as I assembled….so I guess the PVC cutter came in handy after all.  It's so easy to assemble, that it didn't come with real "plans". I just looked at images of completed versions and pieced mine together. Here's the final product!


And here are some photos with it in use! 

charlotte newborn photographer dog bed setup brown drop.jpg
charlotte newborn photographer mustard drop dog bed.jpg
charlotte newborn photographer navy drop dog bed setup.jpg