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The journey to becoming a parent is one that changes you forever. Never in a million years did I know I could love someone so much. The moment I heard my daughter’s heartbeat, felt her first kicks, held her in my arms and looked into her eyes, I knew this was going to be the biggest and best adventure of my life.

I have a new understanding for how parents feel when they walk into my studio; completely in awe of their newborn and anxious to preserve each moment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily shuffle and routine, but keep in mind, this routine won’t last forever. These moments are fleeting and they’re the moments I want to capture for your family to treasure.

I’m Melody; a Netflix-obsessed, CrossFit crazy, scented candle collecting new mama that loves photographing families and their tiny humans. There’s no better feeling than being trusted with someone’s memories; especially those as precious as a newborn.

From their tiny toes, to sweet back rolls and every hair on their heads, I seriously love every newborn I photograph. My goal is to help you remember every perfect detail of your sweet baby, just the way they are; in this very moment.

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